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Welcome to my blog!

I already had that project in my head since a very long time. Now it's getting serious and I am happy to share a sneak peek of my journey with you! :-)

You will figure out soon, that my highlights are my pictures. I just love to take pictures all around the world, or even in my kitchen. In my opinion pictures are sometimes speaking out much more than some words... don't you agree?

That's the reason why I stil can't decide if this is more a travelblog, a foodblog or just a lifestyleblog. All 3 types are somehow working out for me. Why not combining all 3 together? I don't mind and that's how this thing got created. Trying out something new, without knowing how the future will be...

Just enjoy and let me know in case of any questions which you might have.

rote Rosen

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Angela Stücklin
Angela Stücklin
May 17, 2019


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