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About Me

Five years ago I created my account on Instagram – as everyone was doing that. A few years later I began sharing regularly snippets of my days on Instagram to a growing audience.

Within that process I changed my job from one day to the other and made my first steps into the world of marketing. Working as a marketing assistant for a travel agencie/tour operator allowed me to grow my inner passion.

More and more I learned a lot and also generated higher quality which effected of course my private social media content aswell. Where’s the fun in producing content for someone else, when you can just produce content on your own site? That’s how the big adventure started...

But let me introduce myself first. I’m Christina, thirty year old and my dream is to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest!

If it’s just a casual dinner in the evening, an after work event, a weekend trip to escape from daily life or relaxing holidays far away – simple things are making the difference and that’s how I try to live my life.

I would describe myself as an ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey - and I want to share my journey with you!

Take a sneak peek into my life, my recommendations or just enjoy my pictures which I’m taking from all over the world.

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