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zur Werkstatt - brunch location

In the mood for a new brunch spot? I guess I've found a new place to enjoy delicious food and a modern/comfortable surrounding.

Located just near the main train station in Zurich, the location couldn't be better. There are also quiet alot of parking spaces, which you can use aswell.

You can either choose a "tool box" as basic (which is associated to their name "zur Werkstatt") and upgrade with further delicacies. There are options to upgrade like the cold buffet which you can use as many times as you want, or sweet and salty dishes which are made fresh by the cooks at the cooking station, or main courses with further dishes.

Restaurant zur Werkstatt

What's inside the tool box?

- salt & pepper

- sugar & chocolate powder

- butter, jams & honey

- milk & syrup

- plaited bun

At their cold buffet you can grap yourself fresh juices, a variety of bread, different kind of granola, cold meat, smoked salmon and their own cheese. Yes, they even produce their cheese by themselves!

At their cooking station you can order dishes like pancakes, omelet, scramled eggs, waffles and many more. You name it, they make it. For me personally there were nothing missing at all.

They are super friendly and you really can sit down, relax and enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch at their place.

I suggest to book the table in advance, as the brunch spot on the 1st floor isn't that big (I like that actually) but you need to hold a reservation to be on the safe side and not getting dissappointed.

Opening Hours

Monday 'till Friday, 11.30am until 2pm + 6pm until 10pm

Saturday 'till Sunday, 10am until 2pm + 6pm until 10pm


zur Werkstatt, Zollstrasse 37, 8005 Zürich,


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