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Vermicelleria - a new pop-up in town

As there is a new pop-up in town, I had to try it out, especially as it only opens until 24th November! The temporary place is situated at Gelati Tellhof, which is famous for their ice cream.


They started with 2 different vermicelles (one from Aargau and one from Bergell) and in the meantime (they started 1 week ago) they only have one choice left.

The taste is fingerlicking good. I chose "Coupe Bergell" which will be served with Vermicelles from Bergell, Meringue, Greyezer double cream and a cherry. The price for a full plate is calculated at 14.- swiss francs, which is a fair prizing in my opinion.

You can even get your vermicelles to go in a cup with all kind of different options for the topping and further details.

Vermicelleria has started an amazing project and I hope they reopen soon for a longterm project, as the success is absolutely amazing - I heard that they are waiting in line in the evening for over 30minutes!

Opening Hours

only open until 24th November 2019 - hurry up!

Monday 'till Friday, 12.30am until 10pm

Saturday 'till Sunday, 2pm until 10pm


Vermicelleria, c/o Gelati Tellhof, Tellstrasse 20, 8004 Zürich,


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