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Sunday Brunch at it's best!

Gault Millau Schweiz has voted it as one of the best brunch locations in Switzerland and they even won "best brunch location 2019" recently. I need to admit: yes, they are absolutely right! But let me start at the beginning.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't quiet as expected, as you normally have a fantastic view over the "Vierwaldstättersee" and the area around Lucerne. Never the less, we weren't there for the view. It was all about their brunch!

Their brunch "rules" are easy to explain. First you start with some amuse bouche, afterwards you can enjoy 3 buffet-stations, followed by 3 main dishes which will be served upon request.

First buffet station: bread & Co.

It's filled with a variety of bread, jams, honey, granola, yoghurt and milk.

Second station: their highlight:

...and yes, you're right: it's more for seafood lovers. Fantastic oysters, fresh lobsters and more and more. The variety is huge and they fill up each plate frequently in order to have a nice and clean look all the time.

Third station: Dessert heaven:

Wow. If you thought that was it, it all starts again at the dessert variety. So many different flavours, so many different presentations. It was just on point! We were speechless right at the beginning. Let me show you some of our table views we've had from time to time.

Almost before the dessert, we've had a choice of 3 different main dishes.

- Truffle risotto

- Veal chop with potatoes

- Scallops

We decided to go for 2 main dishes, the truffle risotto aswell as the veal chop.

And after the dessert, is right before the tea or coffee to finish the outstanding brunch!

We've enjoyed it alot and we were really pleased about their staff. They are charming, friendly and fullfill all your wishes. Just perfect!

Opening Hours

Sunday, 11.30am until 2.30pm


RitzCoffier, Bürgenstock Hotels & Resorts, 6363 Obbürgen,


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