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Ischgl. Relax if you can...

Shall I visit a christmas market or shall I book a wellness trip? I chose the 2nd option.

I was looking for a place, which isn't that far away, but still cozy and not just around the corner. I found a place in Ischgl.

The hotel

I stayed at the Zhero Hotel Ischgl/Kappl which is located 10min by car away from Ischgl

My opinion about it? Let me show you the pictures first.

The hotel itself is quiet dark, but on a high level and still clean an you get an overview of it all really fast. The staff is a bit "hipster style" and not everyone is speaking german. As there is a sister property in Mallorca, some of the staff is switching between the winter and summer season. Never the less, they all try their best. Some of them more and some of them less. But that's okay.

Really fast you recognize, that a male character behind the interior. It's dark, strong color and also the scent is much more male then female.

During my stay of 3 nights, I have booked 2 nights at half-board and didn't got dissappointed by their kitchen.

The area

Of course I had to take a walk in Ischgl to visit the place and especially to go up the mountains to enjoy the perfect weather and their food, right? As mentioned, the weather was perfect, it couldn't be any better. The view around the area was just stunning. Especially during this time of the year (they just started the season last week) there aren't that many people yet. And I really like that!

The highlight

Okay... when in Ischgl... yes, I just had to! Gault Millau Deutschland voted him "chef of the year 2019". As I was staying in Ischgl anyway, I wanted to try it out. Benjamin Parth is the man itself. The chef of the year 2019! ...I'm still speechless, while thinking about the evening I've spent at the Restaurant Stüva which belongs to the Hotel Yscla in Ischgl.

You can either order "à la carte" or a choice between 3 and 7 courses. And you can either have a surprise menu, or you can tell your waiter, which course you would like to add into your menu. I've chosen the 7 course menu. First it started with 2 amuse bouche, followed by the ordered 7 courses and finished by 2 surprises by the kitchen.

What shall I say? I've enjoyed my stay in Ischgl alot and I'm happy and satisfied back home, after my relaxing stay up in the austrian mountains.


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