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Garden Gourmet - The alternative to meat

First of all, do you know a good alternative to meat?

As I was able to try two products from Garden Gourmet I now know: there is a good alternative to meat!

Garden Gourmet

While I was trying out both of their newest products ("Incredible Gehacktes" and "Incredible Burger") I wanted to find out, if there is a difference between real meat and these ones, especially regarding the full taste experience, which you have with real meat and if there are any compromises.

I started with the "Incredible Gehacktes" first. As I don't like a big mess in my kitchen, I always prefer using my oven. You can shape them first, as they are hashed as regular minced meat. What about my thoughts? Let me explain you first how I served them.

Somehow I knew, we need a sauce to garnish it. I chose an asian mixture, which I've made out of sesame oil, soja sauce, rice vinigar and fresh ginger.

...what about my thoughts? I'm not that convinced about this particular product from Garden Gourmet. The smell when you open the package was a bit too much for me. After cooking it in the oven, it was much better. The texture is kind of different than I'm used to it, but still okay. In combination with a sauce you don't get any big differences.

After the first course, I wanted to try out the "Incredible Burger" which was already alot of talking in the media.

To use it like a regular burger, we tried out different versions.

Nr. 1 (left picture): burger bun - garlice sauce - lettuce - inctredible burger - cheddar cheese - caramelized onions - burger bun

Nr. 2 (right picture): burger bun - burger sauce - cress - incredible burger - gruyere cheese - tomatoes - burger bun

Garden Gourmet

My thoughts? Wow! That's the full taste experience I was looking for! No compromises and it's really hard to belive it's veggie! In my opinion there's no difference between real meat and this one. I can highly recommend to try it out yourself, I am defenitely going to buy it again!


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