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Der Freundeskreis

"The circle of friends" is the translated name of one of my favourite pop-up restaurants.

Already my third time that I attended it and it's still matching with my food-mind and everything.

6 courses, cooked by the master himself, Alex! He's a genius in the kitchen. The price is CHF 95.00 per person excl. beverages. On spot they even amend the menu in case of any allergies or intolerances. Their barkeeper-team are mixing up delicious drinks, especially their very own "Freundeskreis Special" drink.

Easy going surrounding but still focusing on a high level. That's how I like it!

Have a look into my pictures as they are talking more as I can explain. This time the location was the factory of Alprausch, it was well organized, charming staff which are always smiling, outstanding food and pleasant talks with foreign people sitting next to us (there were 2 big tables for each shift - 7pm or 9pm).

I can only recommend you to try it out! They are open until 2nd November 2019. Go and enjoy! Click here to go ahead with your table reservation!


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