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Cliffs of Moher, sleep & food in Dublin


Friday evening flight to Dublin started in Zurich with Aer Lingus. After almost 2 hours we arrived in Dublin. Prearranged we have rented a car, to be more flexible and especially to achiev our plans over the weekend.

After a 30 minutes drive we arrived at our hotel for the next upcoming 2 nights.

We stayed at the Sandymount Hotel which is the the largest family run hotel in Dublin! It wasn't that fancy as we might hoped in advance, but it was still enough for the reason of our stay.

After a very short night (we arrived around midnight at Dublin) we got up early to be on the road as early as possible, as we had a long way in front of us!

We enjoyed a full irish breakfast at the hotel, bought some bottles of water and snacks in one of the nearest supermarket and our big plan of today started.

Cliffs of Moher - here we come!

With several stops in between we had almost 4 hours for one way. Notice for next time: either at least 1 more night or an accomodation which is in the middle of this road.

The way to this magical place was just stunning, the landscape is oustanding and the road is really easy to drive. ...and yes, not only the way to it was magical, the place itself was truly magical!

On our way back we have again stopped at different spots to either take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, or to shoot a great picture about the moment itself.

After almost 600km we arrived back at our hotel. Quick change and off we go to our next location - never forget food! Our Saturday Evening location: Restaurant Amuse.

"From Paris to Tokyo" was the name of the menu we have enjoyed. We were completely amazed by the service, the food and the arrangement of several different things.

Completely amazed we went back to our hotel to rest and get enough sleep for the next day.


Wait... on which side do I have to get into our car to drive? Correct... it's on the right side... by the way, our Renault we have rented was just perfect for our stay. Enough space, mostly comfortable and good for driving offroad.

For those hours we have left we wanted to get some breakfast, some sightseeing, some shopping and some tea time. It was just a great Sunday to spend in Dublin! We have found a charming tea house serving delicious tea and even more delicious sweets!

Thank you Ireland for the weather (never rained - except at our arrival and departure time - fair enough!) and your kidness (everyone's friendly!). I'm coming back... I promise!

Afternoon Tea


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