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Breakfast at home - never been easier!

It's weekend - yay! ...but, you forgot to buy stuff for a cozy brunch for yourself at home. I've got you something...

Like ordering your usual dinner online, you can do that for breakfast, too! Why complicated, when the technology and offer is that easy?

Due to the cooperation between SMOOD and Le Pain Quotidien your desire for a delicious brunch at home without touching anything in the kitchen is now getting reality!

Download the app from SMOOD search for the restaurant location you prefer - in this case it's Le Pain Quotidien - and simply choose the items you would like to get. After aprox. 30min (depending on your home adress) the food will be delivered.

I was really surprised about their choices and also the look of the food when they delivery it. Delicious & all I wanted!

What are you waiting for? Download the app and order your brunch at home! Enjoy :-)!

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